Competitive wages. Innovation. Environmental sustainability.

Manufacturing makes a difference in the economic well-being of Cleveland and Bradley County, Tennessee. The 31-member companies of Cleveland Associated Industries employ over 6,600 workers, offering them jobs with competitive wages, producing innovative products and making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability.

Cleveland Associated Industries has, since its inception in 1965, aimed to build anenvironment in which manufacturing businesses can evolve, innovate and compete in an ever-changing world. Our organization advances the awareness of manufacturing as essential to the local economy and provides our members with programming designed to ensure best practices at every level.

CAI also provides networking opportunities to help our members grow successful businesses. Our goal is to strengthen the ties of small, medium manufacturers throughout the community with person-to-person contact. CAI gives us opportunities to utilize our collective resources and talents and facilitate our growth.

We invite you to become a part of Cleveland Associated Industries where you will have unique opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. Get to know your manufacturing colleagues. Share your best practices. Join with us so we can wield a greater influence in the manufacturing community at large and can promote the well-being of manufacturing as essential for a healthy, vibrant economy in Cleveland and Bradley County.

Stacy Greene, CAI President
HSE Manager, Bayer